Acoustic testing and professional services

Test and measurement for noise insulation and isolation as well as venue properties relating to electro-acoustic measurements. We also provide EIA measurements.

Auditorium Audio Visual

We provide all audio visual services and installation specific to client requirements. This would include predictive coverage and acoustic modeling.

Boardroom Audio Visual

Our boardroom AV solutions provide future proof infrastructure and current technologies.

Noise Masking Systems

Properly implemented noise masking systems aid in keeping open plan office environments more comfortable to work in while assisting in efficiency and concentration for employees.

Digital Signage

Flexible LAN or WAN based infrastructure combined with appropriate display systems, control systems, and content display software is part of our digital signage offers.

Conference Systems

We offer both wired as well as wireless conference facilities, as well as voting and translation systems as required. This, combined with current camera and visual technology allows for a dynamic system that includes auto tracking and automatic control of the supplied solution.


Museums are complex public spaces, often requiring bespoke audio visual solutions. We specialize in interactive and lively displays, to keep alive the stories that build our society. Our experience includes all aspects of the above, which, when combined with the content help ensure the best visitor experience possible.

More comprehensive list of our services can be found here.